What is the Tokyo Marathon Charity “Run with Heart”?

With the catchphrase “The Day We Unite.” the Tokyo Marathon has grown significantly by bringing together the hearts of runners as well as its many volunteers and supporters.
The Tokyo Marathon Charity was implemented at the 2011 event in an attempt to “unite” a greater number of people through our socially committed actions.

The Tokyo Marathon Charity program helps provide more chances for those who support the Tokyo Marathon (either by running, volunteering, cheering) to think about social activities, (such as preserving the global environment, supporting the refugees worldwide, supporting the children suffering from intractable diseases, and promoting sports) ,which eventually “unites” the hearts of each and every person with the society.

*The Tokyo Marathon Charity is collectively called as “Run with Heart” and the Tokyo Marathon continues to pursue its unique style of the charity program.

*The Tokyo Marathon Charity program is operated in cooperation of the recipient program charities and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation.

Charity Runners and Supporters

There are two ways to participate in this charity program as follows.

Charity Runners

You can be a Charity Runner by raising donations of 100,000 yen or more. The charity runners will represent all supporters by running the Tokyo Marathon, carrying and spreading the message of goodwill embedded in every donation along with the objectives of the charity programs.

*Up to 4,000 charity runners can be accepted, on a first-come-first-served basis. The registration will be closed once the capacity of 4,000 is filled up.


You can be a supporter by making donations to your preferred recipient program to support their charitable activities.

Active Charity (Trial program for official recipient programs)

- Out of 4,000 charity entry places, up to 100 places in total will be made available for recipient programs to secure in advance.
- Recipient programs will promote and raise funds through those secured places on their own.
(Application Period: July 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017)

Charity RunnersCharity Runners


The application for the charity runner has been closed.
Thank you for many applications.

Recipient Programs

Donations go to 15 charitable activities. Charity runners and supporters can choose whichever recipient programs to donate and the donations will be given to the designated program through the Tokyo Marathon Foundation.
Please see the details of Recipient Programs here.

Total amount of donations: ¥415,032,886

Total number of donations: 5,957

*The above figures represent the preliminary amount and number of donations in total.
*The total number of donations is not equal to the actual number of charity runners as it includes the​​ donation-only​ applications.​
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